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Intimate plasty in Lifeline Center

Modern methods of repair of pathologies and correction of problem zones: surgery without pain, without complications, with perfect results

Intimate plasty

Many causes of sexual problems are related to functional or aesthetic imperfections of genitalia. Features of external structures can be seen after a difficult delivery or gynecological surgery, inflammatory and other diseases, abnormal developments or menopausal changes. Such changes may result in significantly decreased sexual desire and satisfaction from sexual intercourse, unpleasant sensations that make to avoid meetings with a partner. Some women just want to change something, to emphasize sexuality or become more attractive.

Experienced plastic surgeons working in Lifeline Clinic help patients to overcome such intimate problems by correcting the size and shape of the genitals, performing various types of operations at the highest level.

Why you should go to Lifeline Clinic

Lifeline Reproduction Center is a specialized niche medical institution. Our experts deal exclusively with problems related to the most intimate part of people's lives, and know everything about it. The success of any procedure is guaranteed with several components:

A wide range of surgeries performed including comprehensive correction and remodeling of
reproductive organs.

Our Clinic can perform both minor cosmetic changes and the most complicated remodeling of genital organs.

High qualification of doctors who perform plastic surgeries, and paramedical staff involved in preparation and performance of treatment and restorative procedures.
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Timely visit to a medical specialist increases the chance of the pregnancy onset by several times

Guaranteed confidentiality. High technology equipment in operating rooms, laboratories and at Diagnostic Department, enabling to successfully implement complex programs of changing and rehabilitation of female intimate organs. Main directions and methods of intimate plasty in Lifeline Clinic

  • Labia plastics (labiaplasty)
    Is to adjust the size of labia giving them an aesthetic appearance and optimal proportions by excision of sagging tissue. It results in both visual effect and increased moral status, as complexes vanish.
  • Hymenoplasty
    Necessary for moral and religious grounds if there defloration existed before marriage. To restore virginity, elytrorrhaphythe and partial connection of vaginal wall mucosa is are used. Such surgeries are rather in demand and justified as they help to create happy families, in which there would be no place for unpleasant questions and recriminations. That only the patient will know that this surgery happened.
  • Vaginoplasty
    The procedure will be necessary if vaginal wall is excessively stretched after a difficult delivery, which both prevents sexual relations and can result in prolapse of uterus. If changes are small, tissues are sutured, while if there is a risk of prolapse, vaginofixation (partial prosthesis of vagina) is performed using special mesh implants (OPUR). The result: after surgery, vagina regains its prenatal form that allows a woman to live a normal intimate life.
  • Surgical defloration
    Is used to prevent excessive painfulness in case of too dense virginal membrane. The surgery is quick and completely painless.
  • Removal or reduction of scars in anogenital area
    Is performed using minimally invasive techniques and methods that do not require postoperative rehabilitation.

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