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Oocyte donation at Life Line Reproduction Center

Donor’s oocytes provide an optimum variant which gives a woman an opportunity to bear a child, even if she is unable to conceive.

Oocyte donation

There are forms of relative infertility when a woman can bear a child but, for some reason, her oocytes are exhausted or unavailable. Reproductive technologies come to help patients with similar pathologies, and offer to use donor’s oocytes for fertilization under implementation of a special IVF program adopted at our Center.

As practice shows, after such IVF procedure women deliver healthy and beautiful children, and we are very glad to see the happy eyes of our former patients who won the diagnosis “infertility”. We guarantee full confidentiality and care for health of every patient.

Why it’s good to come to Life Line Reproduction Center

Life Line Reproduction Center performs individual selection of donor’s germ cells with subsequent IVF procedure.

Careful selection of donors with full-scale diagnostics and guarantee a of getting health germ cells.

Expert level skills and qualification of fertility specialists, subject matter experts and laboratory staff.

Equipment of clinical departments including donor’s cell bank is level with international certification standards.
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Timely visit to a medical specialist increases the chance of the pregnancy onset by several times

When we may use oocyte donation method

The use of donor’s oocytes is justified in cases where a woman who wants to be a mother, has certain diseases or physiological disorders identified:

  1. Lack of own germ cells for some reason, for example, if ovaries are removed.
  2. Weakened own oocytes with insufficient response to hormonal stimulation.
  3. In previous IVF programs low viability embryos were produced from the woman’s germ cells.

Selection criteria for donor oocytes at Life Line Reproduction Center

In order to ensure guaranteed high quality of oocytes used in IVF programs, the Reproduction Center applies exclusive requirements to cell donors and the biomaterial obtained:

donor cell selection criteria:

  1. donors are selected from women in the optimum age period (18-35 years) because it is in these years the germ cells are most active and have no morphological deformations;
  2. complete psycho-physiological health of a female donor candidates. The clinic conducts own proprietary examination according to advanced program which helps to identify any pathologies, including genetic disorders and endocrine disorders;
  3. if possible, a female donor candidate is interrogated to collect history of their family diseases;

criteria for selection of oocytes sampled through puncturing:

  1. degree of maturity of a germ cell;
  2. general appearance of an oocyte donor (body constitution and hair color. other characteristics).

Specifics of IVF procedure with donor oocytes at our clinic

A patient undergoes a comprehensive examination including investigation of uterine cavity and surrounding organs in order to assess whether the organs are ready for child bearing.

If any infectious, inflammatory, systemic chronic illnesses are detected, a patient undergoes treatment necessary for stabilization of the expectant mother’s condition. Oocytes are selected from donor cells available in the clinical cryobank, or taken from an individual donor invited by the patient.

In case in the procedure not frozen cells, but cells taken directly from a donor, hormone therapy is applied to synchronize cycles of the oocyte carrier and a patient.

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