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IVF at Life Line Reproduction Center

Modern methods of overcoming infertility: a scientific approach, high efficacy, careful attitude to a woman

Seeing your life continued in your own children is a great happiness, given to a human by nature, and the most desirable development of the union of two hearts. Unfortunately, in the recent years many couples for various reasons (diseases and congenital malformations) cannot conceive a child during natural intercourse. If a woman cannot become pregnant within a year via regular intimate contacts without contraception, it is a question of possible infertility.

In cases where examinations confirm that infertility in one of the spouses is not absolute (uterine immaturity or lack of viable sperm, other factors), it is necessary to use in vitro fertilization.

Correctly performed IVF program in the conditions of modern clinics with skilled professionals ends up with a happy final - the birth of a healthy baby - for half of childless couples who resorted to this method.

Why you should go to a Life Line Reproduction Center?

Life Lline Reproduction Center implements in vitro fertilization programs for the couples to whom this program can help. Each program is developed on an individual basis, taking into account characteristics of the organism of a the certain patient, thus ensuring impressive results.

There are a number of good reasons, why even desperate couples who got no results in many other clinics trust the Reproduction Center:

Each couple will be managed by a personal attending physician and a manager.

They settle all organizational and medical issues from the starting consultation at the Center to child delivery.

We have a full staff of medical specialists, laboratory, hotel, and transport.

The Center’s fertility specialists and physicians specializing in other fields has are highly qualified and professional expertise.

This enables to hold joint councils with colleagues in Europe.

Diagnostic, laboratory and surgical armamentarium of the Center meets the highest present-day developments, enabling to constantly increase the number of successful IVF programs.

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Timely visit to a medical specialist increases the chance of the pregnancy onset by several times

  • Organizational issues
    1. Initial consultation over the phone;
    2. You will be met and accommodated in a hotel;
    3. A personal manager and a personal physician will be assigned to serve your case;
    4. Medical examination, preparative and IUI procedures will be conducted at one and the same Center.
  • Physical examination
    1. Initial consultation with the best specialist;
    2. Detailed and complete examination as quick as possible;
    3. Additional genetic studies are possible;
    4. Safe prenatal examination of maternal blood will be performed in order to identify possible chromosomal disorders of a fetus;
    5. The fertility specialist together with a team of physicians in the related fields will study test results and develop IVF preparation stages.
  • Preparation for IVF
    1. Direct consulting with our European colleagues is available;
    2. The laboratory uses unique sperm treatment techniques in order to minimize DNA fragmentation percentage;
    3. Preparation for fertilization will be performed with help of hormonal stimulation to ensure superovulation.
  • IFV procedure
    1. Primo Vision innovative system enables the assessment of the quality of embryos and select the most viable ones;
    2. The patient may observe the embryo screening process on the monitor;
    3. The fertility specialist and other medical specialists will manage a patient till the very delivery, by monitoring the gestation process and health condition of the fetus and the future mother.
    4. Unused embryos are subjected to cryopreservation helping to repeat IVF procedures in future.
  • Results
    1. Pregnancy onset rate in our Center is 46%;
    2. Every fertility specialist has a record of over 1000 pregnancy occurrences
    3. We are sure that we will be able to help you and we will do everything possible for this!

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