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Pregnancy follow-up at Liniya Zhizni Center

A new look at pregnancy: thorough diagnostics using modern methods, minimal risk of complications in mother and baby, timely and easy childbirth.
Pregnancy follow-up

Pregnancy means major reconstruction of all vital systems of the female body, i.e. immune, hormonal, cardiovascular and metabolic systems. The serious physiological load related with a forming fetus owing to the mother’s body quite often leads to imbalances in the woman’s health condition. In the difficult gestation period, a future mother even she is healthy on the whole, needs medical supervision, in order to timely detect possible failures or abnormal changes that require treatment.

In Liniya Zhizni clinic, every woman can be under a full-value supervision throughout the pregnancy period, beginning from conception to child delivery. This is a 100% chance of successfully bearing a healthy baby and preserving the mother’s health.

Why it’s worth to come to Liniya Zhizni Fertility Center

Pregnancy care at Liniya Zhizni Clinic is conducted in several fields, for each is a an individual program of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is developed. Liniya Zhizni Center is:

The modern and European-level gynecologic department with high-technology equipment and qualified personnel expert in various
specialized areas.

The unique genetics and embryology laboratory able to make studies and tests of any complexity plus the best and extra class US equipment.
Established successful practice
of management of complicated pregnancies, including threat of spontaneous interruption, presence of systemic diseases and genetic
disorders in and genetic disorders
in the mother and fetus.
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Timely visit to a medical specialist increases the chance of the pregnancy onset by several times

Main directions and methods of prenatal care at Liniya Zhizni Clinic

Individual programs

At Liniya Zhizni Clinic it is a must to develop an individual prenatal care program for every patient with a personal attending physician assigned. A trimester screening survey is performed with various programs depending on health status of a fetus and a pregnant woman. Regular psychological assistance is available to women during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. Such assistance relieves nervous tension in th course of special consultations and physiotherapy procedures.

Physiological pregnancy of healthy women

Here it involves monthly consulting by an attending obstetrician-gynecologist, having obligatory tests on diseases, preparation for childbirth.

Post-ECF pregnancy

Requires thorough screening with consultations by medical specialists. Additional genetic studies may be necessary in any trimester in order to detect if a fetus has any disorders.

Multiple pregnancy

Is to be accompanied with enhanced obstetric monitoring because of significant burden and possibility of premature birth. It is also important to perform thorough monitoring of pregnancy development. The Clinic guarantees both the procedures included in the examination program and out-of-schedule urgent diagnostic procedures by the patient’s attending physician due to manifested negative symptoms.

Pregnancy in presence of chronic diseases

Women with endocrine and cardiovascular diseases, disorders of kidneys and digestive organs, diseases of joints) are managed by a team of specialists that monitor the patient’s condition and if it is possible to correct it without affecting the growing fetus. The Clinic guarantees timely organization of profile consultations with expert level specialists for patients with complicated pregnancies, suspected fetal pathology and exacerbations of chronic diseases. The program ensures sparing regimen of treatment of chronic diseases in a patient with minimal impact on the fetus and creation of opportunities for postdelivery rehabilitation, including development of intensive therapy programs in case of rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

Pregnancy with pathological abnormalities

Existence of any pathological disorders (extragenital pathologies in pregnant women, fetus malposition, immunological or genetic disorders identified in the fetus) predetermines readiness of clinical staff to provide emergency care in case of any conditions critical for a baby or his mother. Patients with pathologies for childbirth and postdelivery recovery receive specialized training.

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