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Early pregnancy diagnosis

Early pregnancy diagnosis

Early diagnosis of pregnancy is very important. A woman, knowing that she will become a mother, can be followed up by a doctor from the first days and take measures to exclude complications and deliver a healthy baby. This step is extremely important, because an embryo is very vulnerable at early pregnancy stages. If a woman is not aware of her pregnancy, she might take drugs that adversely affect the health of children, lift weights, take strong drinks or smoke, thus exposing herself and her unborn child to the risks.

Our Center performs early diagnostics of pregnancy with the use of the most modern tools and instruments which ensure accurate results. Visit us and you will soon know whether you have a baby.

Why you should go to Lifeline Clinic

We have a modern medical equipment and experience medical staff who will not miss pregnancy even at a very early term. The techniques applied are much more effective than the conventional test strips.

Pregnancy diagnostics at Lifeline Clinic has the following advantages:

100% accuracy, since not urine but blood is tested, so the results are not distorted. Pregnancy can be determined well before menses delay.

If necessary, hardware techniques may be applied to confirm the results of laboratory tests.

If there is pregnancy, the patient may have consultation at once and be registered with the best gynecologists, have necessary tests, including genetic ones.
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Timely visit to a medical specialist increases the chance of the pregnancy onset by several times

Why home methods are ineffective

All commercially available rapid tests are based on identifying the presence of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in urine. However, this hormone appear occurs much earlier in blood, i.e. on Day 7-8 after conception, when no home methods work yet. The result of such diagnostics may be false-negative, if a woman has any problems with kidneys, diabetes mellitus and other pathologies. Sometimes the error occurs because a woman drank much water the day before or HCG level in the body is not normal. In addition, if you use a rapid tests make sure that it is valid and has been properly stored. Visit our clinic, and you will get a guaranteed accurate result.

How early diagnostics of pregnancy is performed at Lifeline Clinic

For examination, a future mother passes HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) blood test. This hormone has two sub-units, i.e. alpha and beta. Pregnancy is determined by concentration of β-HCG which is quite well detected with modern tests. Results can be seen even before ovum implantation takes place. If the test is doubtful, you need to pass blood tests again. In the event of normally developing pregnancy, the hormone content will double within 24 hour.

Based on test results you can determine both pregnancy and its term, because HCG concentration constantly changes, by slowly increasing to Week 13, and reducing afterwards. In order not to distort the results of the HCG’s test, the following conditions must be met:

  1. blood is taken from vein in the morning on empty stomach or 4-5 hours after the last meal;
  2. if you have taken any drugs, please inform the Clinics’ specialist;
  3. inform your doctor about diseases you have;

If more than 2-3 week passed since fertilization and the embryo is already entrenched in the uterus, US examination is used for diagnostics. It helps to find the correct result and determine if pregnancy is intra-uterine. Besides, US diagnostics can exclude false-positive increase in HCG level observed in certain diseases.

To accurately determine whether you will have a baby, in some cases, the doctor may appoint additional examination.

After you pregnancy is determined, you'll get detailed advice and can conclude the contract, in order to be followed up at Lifeline Clinic until delivery.

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