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Oocyte donation programs

The heir is quite likely to appear in the families where a wife has dysfunction of ovaries or ovaries were completely removed, if donated oocytes are used to overcome infertility.

Oocyte donation programs

In the system of assisted reproductive techniques more than 10% of successful overcoming of female infertility was provided due to donation of oocytes. The most complicated forms of infertility does not allow a woman to have a genetically own child, but the use of donor cells brings hope to the couple for delivery of a baby, whose biological father is the husband of the patient. The success rate of the method largely depends on the professional level of the Clinic’s personnel and thorough selection of donors. The Liniya Zhizni Clinic implements the egg cell donation program with three modified lines:

  • the donor oocytes are fertilized by the husband’s sperm with the subsequent of transfer of selected embryos into the uterus of the patient with hormonal infertility;
  • in case of irreparable infertility of the patient, the embryos obtained during fertilization of donor cells with the husband’s sperm are transferred into the uterus of a surrogate mother;
  • oocyte donation is made to replenish the cryobank.

Effectiveness of donor oocyte programs at Liniya Zhizni Center

The Reproduction Center has considerable experience in selection of oocyte donors with subsequent use of the donor cells in IVF and surrogacy programs. The effectiveness of oocyte donation programs is ensured by advantages of the organization of work with donor candidates and infertile patients:

Full diagnosis of donors with
mandatory observance of health and social requirements.

High professional skills of geneticists and fertility specialists, relevant
medical specialists and laboratory

Use of the newest reproductive techniques and modern equipment of specialized modules of the Clinic.
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Timely visit to a medical specialist increases the chance of the pregnancy onset by several times

When oocyte donation is necessary?

To turn a long-awaited baby from a dream into reality, it is sensible to use femal donor cells in case of the following most complex pathologies, causing permanent infertility:

  • congenital anomaly of ovaries or their initial absence;
  • removal of ovaries because of multiple cysts, tumors and other diseases;
  • ovarian dysfunction related to courses of chemotherapy and irradiation during treatment of oncology diseases;
  • depletion of ovaries associated with various diseases or extreme diets;
  • physiological or early menopause;
  • genetic diseases with a high risk of transmission to the fetus of severe hereditary pathologies;
  • repeated failure in previous IVF -programs using own oocytes;
  • weak embryo obtained when own cells of the patient were used.

The use of donor cells for the recipient woman is not practiced if the woman is found to have anatomical or somatic features that prevent the process of gestation, oncology diseases in active phase, acute or complicated chronic inflammation of any localization.

Selection criteria for the donor cells

Donation programs can include both anonymous participants and individual donors who are close relatives or acquaintances with recipients of their cells. Ensuring the success of reproductive programs with delivery of completely healthy children is entirely based on strict criteria of selection of candidates for the donation:

  • eligible women belong to the most favorable fertile age (20 to 35 years);
  • the main condition is both physical and mental health of a woman;
  • the mandatory condition is that a candidate must have her own children with good health and normal development with no anomalies or defects;
  • the donor's lack of striking, rare external features or characteristic features.

The candidates who passed the first screening stage are included into the comprehensive examination program with mandatory instrumental and laboratory tests, examinations and consultations by specialists of relevant medical fields. The candidates pass general clinical and additional blood tests, urogenital scrapings and smears, visit a geneticist and a psychiatrist, undergo a pelvic examination and get a summary opinion of a therapist.

Specifics of oocyte donation programs

Oocyte donation is implemented in phases, where the sequence and a set of procedures depend on the reproduction method used:

  • transfer of cells to the recipient patient includes:
    1. selection of an individual or anonymous donor;
    2. examination of the survey of recipient;
    3. synchronization of the cycles of ovaries of the donor and the patient;
    4. hormonal stimulation of ovulation in the donor;
    5. paracentesis of the donor’s ovaries, assessment of oocytes, and their incubation;
    6. taking and additional treatment of sperm;
    7. laboratory fertilization of donor oocytes;
    8. incubation formation of embryos followed by selection of the most viable embryo according to standard characteristics;
    9. transfer of the embryo into the uterus of the recipient;
    10. pregnancy test in two weeks;
  • transfer of the surrogate mother’s cells is somehow different from the first line:
    1. in parallel with the selection of a donor they search a candidate for the future parturient woman - surrogate mother, according to legal, social and health parameters;
    2. synchronization of the cycles is performed in the cell donor and in the woman who will bear a child for the infertile couple;
    3. after the necessary procedures the most viable embryo is placed into the uterus of a surrogate mother;
    4. the confirmed pregnancy is supervised until delivery, then the child is handed over to the spouses under the surrogacy contract;
  • transfer of cells for cryopreservation shall be performed after stimulation, selection of oocytes (which most satisfy standard requirements) and subsequent freezing.

Our Clinic managed to achieve a high success rate of these procedures, so that the majority of women seeking to participate in oocyte donation program obtain the welcome pregnancy even after the first IVF procedure.

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