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Sergey Korobkov


germ cells and embryo quality evaluation;

semen preparation for IVF, IUI;

germ cells and embryo culture;

IVI, ISCI, PICSI fertilization techniques

sperm, oocyte and embryo cryopreservation (slow programmed cooling, freezing);

polar body biopsy, day 3 embryo culture biopsy, blastocyst trophectoderm biopsy;

chromosome set examination by FISH technique;

apoptosis examination by fluorescence assay technique.

К следующему специалисту

Образование и профессиональная переподготовка

  • Graduated from MSU Embryology department specializing in Embryology in 2004
  • Holds ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) clinical embryologist certificate.

Дипломы и сертификаты

In Origio, Denmark completed a training course on sperm selection in 2011 and completed a course on embryology in 2012.
Completed advanced training course under the program of ‘Clinical Embryology, ART’ held by FSBI ‘Research and Development Center of Gynecology and Obstetrics named after Dmitri Ott’ RAMS North West Branch.
Completed ‘Quality Standards Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry’ course held by Mettler Toledo Vostok in 2011.
Participated in PGDIS workshop held by Memorial hospital, Istanbul in 2010. Participated in ‘Oocyte and Embryo Cryopreservation’ seminar-workshop in the same year.
Participated in Research Instruments workshop on biopsy.
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