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Aleksander Trufanov


assistance to patients with any pathologies in obstetrics and pediatrics,

implementing of routine and emergency anesthesia, including local anesthesia during delivery;

undergoing intensive therapy by patients with acute and chronic diseases of surgical, urological, neurosurgical, traumatological, cardiosurgical, gynecological, obstetrical, therapeutical and pediatric services;

implementation of invasive diagnostic examinations.

К следующему специалисту

Образование и профессиональная переподготовка

  • Graduated from Blagoveschensk State Medical Institute specializing in Medical Business.
  • Received initial training on Anesthesiology and Resuscitation on the basis of Kharkiv State Institute for Further Training of Physicians, and passed certification course on Transfusiology in the Sechenov Moscow State Medical University.
  • Holds a certificate on Anesthesiology and Resuscitation valid through February 26, 2020 (Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education).
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