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/ An IVF program with vitrified donor eggs covered by warranty

An IVF program with vitrified donor eggs covered by warranty

Patients of our center can choose among donors listed in Life Line extensive catalog. Patents-to-be are offered to choose one of two anonymous egg donation programs: 

  • fresh donor oocytes;
  • vitrificated donor oocytes;

The fastest option is to employ vitrificated cells. This IVF cycle presupposes the employment of anonymous donor’s gamete cells stored in the Life Line cryobank. The biomaterial has preliminarily been vitrified. After being thawed, such eggs do not differ much from those generated during the natural cycle so that they can be employed under the reproductive program. However, the gold standard of received oocytes during the thawing process is 80% of total storage meaning that 20% of cells can deteriorate during the procedure.

Life Line care center commits itself to these problems. The patient is guaranteed to have the chosen number of oocytes. In the case of oocyte deterioration during the procedure, the required number of oocytes are additionally thawed for free. In case of absence of the biomaterial belonging to the chosen donor, the patient would be provided with an additional agreement. This offer is valid when purchasing 4 or more donor oocytes.

In our cryobank, we store only high-quality and tested biomaterial that underwent a special preparatory phase allowing for the strongest possible in vitro fertilization performance at first try.We constantly upgrade the armamentarium of our clinic for the patients to become happy parents as soon as possible, including the programs with donor eggs.

To obtain further details consult your reproductologist. You will be offered with the donor catalog during your session with your doctor. In order to make an appointment, call the following numbers or submit an application form on our site below

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