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Natural Cycle IVF

When stimulation procedure is contraindicated or clearly ineffective, our reproductologists recommend natural cycle IVF


Natural cycle IVF is recommended when:

there are contraindications for hormone stimulation (even minimal);
the woman’s body is not expected to react to the hormone administration in the right way.

The first step of the natural IVF program is hormone ovarian stimulation. Ovulation process is stimulated in order to generate more high-potential eggs for the further in vitro fertilization process and to increase the chances for pregnancy. In certain cases, stimulation procedure is contraindicated or clearly ineffective and our reproductologists recommend natural cycle IVF. This program does not include induction of multi follicular ovarian stimulation, but the rest of it is unchanged and follows the standard procedure.

Who and under which circumstances is prescribed with natural cycle IVF?

Nature is organized so that one cycle in women means only one egg generated. Pharmaceutical ovulation stimulation allows for some mature oocytes to be generated at the same time and enables doctors to choose out of them to get the most suitable ones for the fertilization process. Chances for the desirable outcome, therefore, are greatly increased but there is a drawback as well – high hormone concentration. Some protocols existing today are ultimately moderate, but in some cases, they are still contraindicated and the natural cycle in vitro fertilization appears to be the only solution.

The second indication is the absence of any stimulation reaction. For instance, the patient has already undergone in vitro fertilization procedure and had one or two eggs as the result. Or stimulation reaction to hormone administration is not expected by the doctor due to the examination results. In such cases, there is no point in undertaking stimulation procedure as it will only result in a waste of time and money.

Advantages and restrictions of the program

This in vitro fertilization technique does not mean pharmaceutical administration of almost any kind. That is why the patient does not suffer high hormone concentration, it is safe and the cost of natural cycle IVF is lower compared to standard protocols. Another advantage of the program is that it can be repeated a few times in a row. Nevertheless, considering it to be identical to the alternative program in a stimulated cycle is incorrect.

Without multi follicular ovarian stimulation induction, the chances for pregnancy are lower. Firstly, not all of the eggs, even the ones considered to be healthy by embryologists, can be fertilized. Secondly, if an egg resulted in quality embryo, there is no guarantee that it will implant in the uterine cavity and develop properly. Only a reproductologist can decide whether natural cycle program or any other preferable option (minimum stimulation IVF in case of hormone contraindications or double stimulation IVF in case of poor ovarian response) can be recommended. Without seeing the patient it is even harder to determine whether natural cycle IVF can be recommended if MIS level is low and/or the woman’s age is over 40.

There are some alternatives to natural in vitro fertilization cycle. Minimal IVF stimulation, also known as mini-IVF, is one of them. It is the most moderate program out of those including multi follicular ovarian stimulation ovulation. It can be recommended in case of poor response to regular stimulation and contraindications to large medication dosages.

IVF double stimulation is another option that is often recommended in our center in case of poor response to hormone usage.
These programs are less efficient than the standard IVF program,
but more efficient if pharmaceutical treatment is not undertaken at all.
In any case, the final decision upon protocol choice is always made by a reproductologist.
Without seeing the patient it is even harder to determine whether natural cycle IVF can be recommended with low MIS level or\and over the age of 40.

Natural IVF cycle protocol scheme

The first step on the route to successful infertility treatment is a thorough examination of both partners. Diagnostics include undergoing medical tests and instrumental examination. The list of tests is standard for an ART program. When needed a doctor can prescribe extra examination procedures to the couple.

Program is implemented through the same scheme as a standard IVF procedure, the only difference lies in the absence of stimulation step.

  1. A reproductologist develops a treatment plan and chooses a protocol. There are no specific pre-prosthetic measures to be taken before commencing the natural cycle IVF. Prior to engaging in the program parents-to-be should make a positive change in their lifestyle, get more rest, eliminate stress and bad habits and take measures for infection prevention. They as well have to deliver the pool of medical tests established by the Ministry of Health and mandatory for all parents-to-be.
  2. Puncture procedure is preceded by thorough ovulation control: the woman should regularly visit us in either of the two Moscow clinics for a folliculometry ultrasound. Without monitoring of follicular maturation process, it is impossible to determine the optimal time for a follicular puncture.
  3. Transvaginal follicular puncture is undertaken by medical prescription. At the same time, the partner provides a sperm sample (or else our patients can employ donor biomaterial).
  4. In Life Line care center laboratory an egg is fertilized by preprocessed sperm sample. Then specialists implement embryo culture in culture medium which composition and physical aspects reproduce natural conditions of that of the woman’s body. 5-6 days later embryo is transferred to the uterine cavity of the mother-to-be. Or it can be frozen if the mother-to-be is prescribed with extra preparation procedures.
  5. In 14 days the patient has to come to the clinic again to take HCG test to find out if she is pregnant.

Additional methods for increasing chances for pregnancy

For increasing chances for pregnancy, our specialists include some additional techniques to the scheme. Ovum fertilization is often performed via ICSI procedure when embryologist with the microscope collects best spermium and injects it into the oocyte with a special needle. When a particularly careful selection is needed we use PICSI method (which is ICSI with sperm physiological characteristics assessed). The IVM method can be implemented as well. In this case, the generated egg gets mature in vitro and is fertilized only afterwards. The successful outcome is likely to be reached via medicine that prevents premature ovulation process.

About the advantages of Life Line reproductive care center in details

Natural cycle IVF with its inevitable restrictions sets high standards to all phases and components of the program. Our Moscow clinics provide patients with the highest level of services. A reproductologist can expect to generate one or a maximum of two eggs within a single cycle. He has to determine optimal puncture time and scrupulously perform all of the procedures. All the Life Line specialists are highly qualified, they regularly undergo advanced training courses, collaborate with foreign colleagues and participate in themed events. Our specialists’ qualifications are certified with ESHRE. Reproductologists’ and embryologists’ teamwork is the base for the positive outcome.

Strong performance is only possible with state-of-the-art equipment. In our clinics we employ PrimoVision cameras for the constant monitoring of embryo development; we have high-power microscopes, lasers for surgically precise implementation of the necessary procedures and unique culture mediums. Embryos are developed in the incubator with optimal temperature and oxygen concentration level inside. All of these aspects are particularly significant when a doctor has to work with a single oocyte and a single embryo. The cost of the program in our care center includes all of the procedures needed so that patients can predict their expenses prior to initiating therapy.

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