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/ IVF with Embryo Freezing & Storage

IVF with Embryo Freezing & Storage

Frozen embryo transfer gives you another chance of pregnancy from the initial egg collection

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Often after a cycle of IVF there are a number of successfully fertilized embryos that we can freeze and store for your future use. The pregnancy in LifeLine for frozen embryo transfers has 55% success rate.

So whether your cycle was successful or unsuccessful, frozen embryo transfer gives you another chance of pregnancy from the initial egg collection. We provide this possibility with a much reduced cost and without having to go through an egg collection again.

There are two methods of embryo freezing: slow freezing and vitrification. Slow freezing has been used for many years with good results, but vitrification is a newer method showing much higher chances of success. LifeLine was one of the first fertility clinics in Russia to introduce vitrification in its own embryo lab which had been audited by Dr. Cecilia Sjoblom, international auditor and professor of Sydney Medical School.

The embryologist will decide if any of your embryos are suitable for freezing. They do need to be of good quality as poor quality embryos do not survive the freezing/thawing process. Embryos can be frozen at various stages between the cleavage stage (day 2, at about 4 cells) to the blastocyst stage (day 5 or 6). Embryos can be stored frozen for ten years or more.

When you come through for a frozen embryo transfer cycle, the clinical staff at LifeLine will monitor your cycle closely to ensure that the womb is at the best stage for embryo transfer. You will have ultrasound scans to determine if you are ready for the transfer. At this time, the embryologist will thaw the embryos. They may have to thaw more than one to help choose a really good quality embryo for transfer.

The embryo is transferred in the same way as for your fresh cycle. You may be given some extra medications to help keep the lining of your womb optimal for implantation. As with a fresh cycle, you will have a pregnancy test two weeks after the transfer.

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