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/ Frozen Donor Eggs IVF

Frozen Donor Eggs IVF

A new IVF program with vitrified donor eggs

The program in detail

Parents-to-be can choose among donors listed in the Life Line extensive catalog. This new IVF program with vitrified donor eggs is now available. The program includes:

  • 6 donor vitrified oocytes
  • Thawing of oocytes
  • Culture of received embryos
  • ICSI with all received cells
  • Embryo transfer

Vitrified cells are the fastest way to start a Donor IVF protocol. This option presupposes the employment of anonymous donors’ gamete cells stored in Life Line cryobank. Donors are thoroughly examined, including their genetic panel. Their biomaterial is preliminarily vitrified. 

After thawing such eggs do not differ from those generated during a natural cycle and can be employed under reproductive program. However, the gold standard for the oocytes outcome during the thawing process is 80% out of the total storage meaning that 20% of cells can deteriorate during the procedure. When this program is chosen the clinic guarantees 3 oocytes to be thawed. In the case of oocyte deterioration during the procedure, the required number of oocytes are additionally thawed for free. Otherwise, you will get a refund. 

Apart from mandatory testing, our donors undergo additional genetic testing for:

  • genetic abnormalities;
  • karyotyping.

You will be offered a catalog with a list of donors during your session with the reproductologist. 

In order to make an appointment call the following numbers or submit an application form on our site.

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