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New laser equipment will help patients of Lifeline Clinic to start a baby

Lifeline Clinic continues to supplement and upgrade its equipment. Among new acquisitions was a modern latest-generation laser system. Such equipment has just appeared in the global market of medical technologies, but it is already recognized as the best in the world among the lasers used in assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

ART results directly depend on quality of the embryo introduced into the uterine cavity: an embryo should be strong and healthy; under these conditions the chances of successful fetus implantation and development are quite high. Laser system unit reduces embryo exposure to risks in laboratory environment and helps to preserve its resources required for further development.

The new unit enables to perform careful and quick biopsy (meaning sampling embryo cells for genetic analysis). Laser trophectoderm biopsy prevents risks of damage to embryos. Being low traumatic, this genetic material sampling technique provides reliable and comprehensive information about genetic status, thereby reducing the percentage of errors possible with other biopsy methods.

Laser system unit, being one in the line of breakthroughs in laser microsurgery, enables fast and flawless cell biopsy, reduces procedure time, reduces the risk of blastocyst destruction, as well as saves the need to mechanically separate cells from a blastocyst.

New laser equipment

Advantages of laser system laser unit

  1. Accuracy. There is no need relocate embryos owing to targeted laser action thus ensuring accuracy of the procedure.
  2. Speed. Minimum duration of biopsy or hatching is due to high laser burning speed, the beam path is preset by a program.
  3. Controllability. Embryologist may regulate the temperature of an impact onto a cell.
  4. Power. Due to the high power capacity of the laser unit, the total total energy of impact onto cells is reduced.

Possible applications of laser system laser

This laser can be used in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PIGD). PIGD is the analysis of embryo cells within IVF/ICSI program to identify the risk of genetic diseases in an unborn baby. Genetic diagnostics is performed on Day 3, 5, or 6 of preimplantation embryo development, while a genetic component is studied on a single blastomere (during biopsy on Day 3) or several cells of the blastocyst trophectoderm (during biopsy on Day 5-6).

Biopsy is one of the most complex and critical PIGD stages, because it is associated with a high risk of damage to an embryo. Mechanical impact of tools onto a cell may affect further development and implantation of an embryo, while the use of a laser is not traumatic and most non-invasive.

Advantages of embryo biopsy on Day 5 with new laser system:

  1. Obtaining two or more cells for subsequent genetic diagnostics ensures new quality and accuracy of results
  2. Performance of PIGD only for embryos which are knowingly suited for implantation and grown to blastocyst stage reduces the cost of studies for patients
  3. Reduced level of mosaicism in Day 5’s embryos increases accuracy of diagnosis and the frequency of the onset of pregnancy
  4. For the study, a cell layer is biopsied which in future will not participate in formation of an embryo - i.e. it is safe for the unborn baby. No negative effects on the frequency of progressing pregnancies compared to biopsy of blastomeres on Day 3.

Laser system unit is indispensable in auxiliary hatching procedure which consists in dissection of the outer embryo shell. This shell plays a great role in ovum development, its fertilization and protection from external factors, but can interfere with implantation in the endometrium. Assisted hatching helps to release an embryo from its shell if it becomes compacted (this is possible in case of cryopreservation, endocrine changes associated with a woman’s age, smoking, etc.), the laser is indispensable here.

On studying the results of our colleagues from Europe who already use such equipment, the experts of Lifeline Clinic come to an opinion that the laser unit will help to increase the incidence of pregnancy during IVF.

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