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Gynecologist services

Seeing a gynecologist regularly is the key to the preservation of women’s health and healthy baby deliveries. Gynecology Department in Life Line care center provides clients with high-qualified medical care and deals with all kinds of urogenital abnormalities via modern healing practices. Pharmacological and surgical therapy methods conducted in our clinic restore genital sphere even in women with severe diagnoses and extensive-stage diseases.

Guidelines and main medical care methods adopted in Life Line Gynecology Department

Life Line Reproductive care center provides its patients with different modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of female reproductive organs. All the therapeutic methods can be divided into conventional and surgical depending on the type of pathology found.

Conventional methods of gynecological disease treatment:

  • pharmacological therapy of infectious disease and hormone abnormalities;
  • treatment of inflammatory processes in internal and external genital organs;
  • menstrual cycle regulation;
  • elimination of menopause complications;
  • selection of optimum contraception technique;
  • diagnosis of pregnancy complications. 

Surgical gynecological disease treatment:

  • genital organs biopsy and histopathological material examination;
  • diagnostic curettage;
  • device and surgical removal of new growths, polyps, and cysts; 
  • erosion cauterization;
  • surgical contraception (IUD insertion and removal). 

Factors of successful gynecological disorders treatment in Life Line care center


  • gynecologists of our center are all Doctors and Candidates of Science possessing extensive working experience;
  • our specialists constantly improve their skills and possess their own practices;
  • they share their experience with colleagues from the best European clinics;
  • we conduct conciliums with specialized doctors: endocrinologists, oncologists, mammologists. 


  • our armamentarium allows for the implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures;
  • we keep up-to-date technical tools and medicinal agents; 
  • our clinic possesses ultrasonography apparatus and other advanced technologies; 
  • we have our own laboratory facilities and our own series of rapid tests. 


  • we undertake a detailed diagnosis to determine the causes of the disease alongside its stages, and complications occurred;
  • our treatment plan is designed for the preservation and rehabilitation of the reproductive system;
  • efficient individual treatment plan contributes to the patient’s full recovery in the majority of the cases;
  • with the assistance of ART methods (IUI, IVF, ICSI, and others) it is possible to treat even the most severe forms of infertility. 

Service level 

  • a patient is provided with sincere care, politeness, and exceptional consideration; 
  • European level of gynecological services: full responsibility, comfort, and sterility;
  • you are free to choose the service plan that suits you best whether it is a staged payment or a one-time payment.
  • guaranteed confidentiality, integrity and medical ethics. 

Under the professional care of Life Line reproductive care center's specialists you will leave all your worries behind. 

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