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/ Fertility Travel & Treatment Options for International Patients

Fertility Travel & Treatment Options for International Patients

We provide IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programs to patients from all over the world. We’ve got English speaking doctors, and our managers speak English and Chinese. Please contact us if you need a French, German, Italian or Spanish-language interpreter.

Our clinics offer a full IVF circle including vitrification and transportation services. We deeply understand patients' concerns and can provide you with a doctor who has a long-standing practice in the treatment of the same infertility problems as yours. In our centers you may visit any of 8 fertility specialists including M.D.s, each one has a proven track record of more than 1000 successful IVF Programs.

We care about patients comfort. Since the very beginning, you’ll get a personal manager to guide you step-by-step through all phases of IVF treatment. Please let us know if you need a transfer from the airport or would like to accept the offer of a substantial discount on accommodation at the hotel near LifeLine clinic.

We use telehealth service so our international patients have a possibility to make their first visit to the doctor through a video call. We believe that trust between doctor and patient and confidence in your choice is very important for the IVF success, that’s why we made an introductory online meeting free of charge.

We recommend coming to our centers for a first and second patient visits within about 2 months prior to beginning the injectable fertility drugs, especially for Donation and Surrogacy Programs. During this visits, you will meet with one of our fertility doctors and also spend some time with one of our nurses reviewing the use of injectable medications and other important issues regarding the cycle monitoring and procedures.

Your doctor will support you with detailed information about the required analyses. All of them can be run by our lab, some also can be done at the lab in your home area.

You are free to choose if the injections and ovulation trigger should be done in our centers or by your own nurse/yourself.

We will need a sperm specimen from the spouse on the day of the egg retrieval. This will be used to inseminate the patient's eggs.

The embryo transfer procedure is usually performed 3-5 days after the egg retrieval. This option would be discussed with the couple up front. We then request that you have 2 days of "modified bed rest" after the embryo transfer. Therefore, we prefer that you stay in Moscow for 1-2 days after the transfer. However, many successful couples have travelled home either the evening of the transfer or the next day.

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For more information about fertility travel or other fertility treatments, please contact a patient care coordinator at LifeLine Fertility Centers. We look forward to hearing from you! Please call our office to speak directly with a member of our staff or send us e-mail. You may reach us at +7 495 668-61-71 or contact or

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