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Life Line Clinic

  • High percentage of the onset of clinical pregnancy

    High incidence of clinical pregnancy following IVF
    at our Clinic is considerably above the average in
    other clinics

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  • Counselling with European specialists is available

    The Clinic’s specialists can apply to expert
    opinions of European specialists

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  • Individual approach to treatment

    An attending physician will prepare a personal
    treatment program where specifics of a family
    couple are accounted for. We work with our
    patients 24/7.

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  • Diagnostic accuracy

    The in-house laboratory allows to conduct all
    examinations at the Clinic using front-line
    equipment, thus ensuring quick and accurate

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  • Highly qualified expert physicians

    The Candidates and Doctors of Medical Sciences
    work at the clinic. The working experience of any
    of our specialists is over 10 years.
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  • Clinic’s Equipment

    The Clinic has a high-class equipment meeting all
    world standards for equipment of Fertility Clinics

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5 Steps to Pregnancy

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
Other programms
    • Step 1 – Fill out the Reproduction Program Participation Questionnaire.

      At this stage a patient is to fill the English version of the specially developed questionnaire. The patient is to enter her contact information in the questionnaire; the said data will be used in the online communication with a doctor. In addition, the patient is to describe a root of her problem in the Questionnaire Form, specify the diagnosis delivered earlier and tell about the disturbing symptoms, if any. Application for online consultation.
      Step 1 – Fill out the Reproduction Program Participation Questionnaire.
    • Step 2 - Online Consultation in Skype

      An online video communication with a doctor is made at the time convenient for the patient and presupposes a detailed consultation with an experienced specialist who will question and interview the patient. In the course of the online consultation, a patient is to send all available test results and medical opinions to the doctor by email or Skype. In addition, in some cases the doctor will recommend the patient to have additional tests and pass necessary diagnostic procedures. It may require several online consultations to determine exactly the date of the patient’s visit to Moscow.
      Step 2 - Online Consultation in Skype
    • Step 3 - Patient’s visit to Moscow

      Each patient will have a Personal English-speaking Manager. Besides, Lifeline’s personnel will in advance agree the patient’s visit date with the doctor and reserve at 50% discount a suit at a hotel located close to the Lifeline Clinic. The Personal Manager will meet the patient at an airport or at a train station, arrange the transfer to the hotel for accommodation and provide a detailed consultation on the patient’s first visit to the Clinic. The initial consultation with a specialist is the time to select a Reproductive Program and form a protocol of medical procedures.
      Step 3 - Patient’s visit to Moscow
    • Step 4 A - Stimulation performed at the patient’s place of residence.

      IVF Program starts with multifollicular ovarian stimulation within one menstrual cycle. Such effect is achieved by taking drugs. If a patient decides to return home during stimulation, her attending physician will develop a detailed dosing schedule for the drugs a patient will buy at her place of residence. In the course of stimulation (about two weeks) a patient will take drugs, have regular tests and US examination. All opinions and test findings will be sent to a Lifeline doctor who will determine the date of puncturing the patient to Moscow.

      Step 4 A - Stimulation performed at the patient’s place of residence.
    • Step 4 B - Stimulation performed in Moscow

      In this case all IVF stages, including ovarian stimulation run under closest control of Lifeline Clinic’s specialists. All this time the patient will live in Moscow, making regular visits to the medical center. In this case, all required medications will be purchased at the Clinic.

      Step 4 B - Stimulation performed in Moscow
    • Step 4 Concluding a Reproductive Program Contract.

      The Personal Manager will offer the patient to review a selected reproductive program protocol and a contract with the Clinic, the both made in English. Signing the contract means joining IVF Program, following which the patient will determine a convenient program implementation scheme. We offer two IVF procedure options to our patients:
      Step 4  Concluding a Reproductive Program Contract.
    • Step 5 A - Implementing Reproduction Program

      If during stimulation scheme the patient stays outside the Clinic, she will have to visit Moscow again 3-4 days before the supposed ovulation. The fact is that 36 hours before the ovulation process a Lifeline specialist will introduce a special trigger drug into the patient’s organism, the said trigger will induce egg cells leaving ovaries. The patient is then prepared for vacuum aspiration puncture (taking egg cells from the patient’s body). Following a professional consultation with an anesthesia care provider, where an interpreter or the Personal Manager is also present, the patient will have a local or general anaesthetic introduced, which makes a puncture painless. Then, a gynaecologist, under control of the up-to-date video equipment, takes matured egg cells and puts them into a favorable environment. Under the gynaecologist’s supervision, specialists determine a number of matured gametes and inform the patient respectively. Egg cells, which do not take part in the protocol, undergo cryopreservation.
      Step 5 A - Implementing Reproduction Program
    • Step 5 В - Cultivation and transfer of embryos

      Next, egg cells get fertilized (in modern laboratory conditions) with sperm of the husband or a donor, following which embryos obtained start developing in a special media. On days 3-5, the patient will visit the Clinic again to have embryos transferred into the uterine cavity. This process takes not more than thirty minutes and does not cause any discomfort or pain. The patient will stay the first post-transfer hours in clinical setting, after which the manager will take the patient to the hotel. After the transfer, the patient may opt to go home or stay in Moscow until pregnancy is confirmed with human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) test.
      Lifeline Reproductive Technologies Center offers monitoring of all program stages and personal approach to every patient. Get help from experienced pros at Lifeline and feel the joy of a real full family!
      Step 5 В - Cultivation and transfer of embryos

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Information for patients from other cities

If you want to pass IVF procedure in a specialized clinic in Moscow, we invite you to contact our Life Line Reproductory Center. Here, regardless of your place of registration, you will be able to pass all diagnostic tests, preparation for IVF and have an IVF procedure itself. Besides, we will offer to you result monitoring and pregnancy management services. Patients from other cities, including couples, are offered a pick-up service from the train station to the clinic and accommodation for the entire period of treatment.